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"Tough times never last - but tough people do." - Robert Schuller

As girlfriend and boyfriend, Brandy & Mike work side by side as they work from home. Brandy is a VA, Ghostwriter, Social Media expert amongst other things. Mike is a freelance web developer who's been working for close to 15 years in the industry. Together, we make a great team who love what we do.

Brandy & Mike were renting a home that had been foreclosed on. In that home was a piano that was owned by the homeowner at the time. While under a contract with the Bank for relocation assistance to clear out the house, Mike was injured dismantling the piano that didn't belong to us.

At one point the piano became "top heavy" and came down against Mike's left leg, causing a sever laceration. As the piano continued to fall, it also fractured Mike's right ankle in two different places. Mike needed to have surgery on his ankle, as well as 12 staples placed into his left leg.

Mike is like millions of other Americans who just can't afford health insurance. And when we have attempted to reach out to Personal Injury Attorney in the local area, no one seems to want to help. With medical bills beginning to roll in and Mike still making trips to the Doctor's office quite frequently - we needed to come up with a plan.

What started out as a script to just help Brandy expedite her nightly chores as a VA, has now turned into a platform that helps other VA's complete their threads much quicker than before. You see, as two very independent people, Brandy & Mike felt that by creating a platform to help others, they could also create a residual income that would help with medical bills.

Mike continues to sit and program as much as he can while dealing with the constant pain he deals with, and Brandy continues to be the positive, loving, supporting person she is - all while still working as a VA and a mom of 3 kids. Together they push forward in their relationship as well as business to try to get by. The medical costs will continue to accrue and Brandy & Mike will continue to seek legal help for our case - but for now, the profits from this site will help to offset lost wages from Mike, as well as those medical expenses.

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